My Piano Play Date

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My Piano Playdates is the ideal group piano session for any kid! Our play dates are limited to 12 kids that meet up every week. Ideal for the kid who’s not sure if they’re interested in piano, but would like to learn and have a little fun. 


My Piano Playdate is perfect for close-in-age siblings or home-school kids. They can also be formed by partnering with nearby friends ~ let us know who’d you’d like to pay with and we’ll share a discount code. Parents are not required to sit in on playdates.

Great question! We have designed the playdate to cater to kids with and without a piano. If you’re planning to join (1) play date a month, no you don’t need a keyboard, however, if you’re interested in joining at least 2 times a month, we highly recommend  you purchase a keyboard (76-key is recommended)

Yes! Our curriculum is designed to teach piano in a less intimidating way. Even kiddies as young as three, though they will be guided at a pace that is especially gentle on their developing finger muscles.