My Piano Play Date

We are sharing the love of music one playdate at a time.

Our history

Founded by LadySonya Music Studio, My Piano Play Date was created in 2020 to make piano to bring excitement to piano lessons. LadySonya specially designed My Piano Play Date during the  Coronavirus Pandemic, looking for ways to better engage with the younger students who she felt wouldn’t adapt to typical virtual piano lessons. Although students were excited to continue with virtual lessons, she felt a need to make it even more exciting with adding friends to the mix. My Piano Play Date’s #1 goal is to combine playdates and piano and make learning piano an exciting virtual party! 

LadySonya Founder & CEO

LadySonya has worked with kids as young as the age of 2 and as old as 85. In 2020, she developed an innovative approach of combining virtual playdates and music enrichment with you and your family/friends in mind! It is her ultimate goal to foster a safe, healthy environment, especially during the current climate. My Piano Play Date is filled with fun, creative, and innovative activities, all from the comfort of your home! She currently is the Founder and CEO of My Piano Play Date and in her spare time enjoys hobbies such as, researching recipes of exquisite dishes, playing tennis, performing at live gigs for weddings, parties and corporate events and indulging in the world of fashion and home decor.   

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Why Choose Us

My Piano Playdate offers virtual group music classes for children of varying ages and skill levels, beginner to early intermediate. Our goal is to teach, motivate and encourage students to understand and enjoy the richness and complexity of music through our virtual playdates! 

We hope to expand your little one’s creativity and curiosity in learning a musical instrument, all while having fun. We also hope to foster expression and create a love for music that your children will want to share with their friends and loved ones. Our exciting, virtual games and activities will enrich your child’s life for years to come!

We Welcome Beginners

We cultivate music enrichment in children beginning as young as 2. Regardless of their current level, you’re welcome to join us in learning and cultivating a love for music enrichment! Beginners will also feel comfortable learning and playing in our interactive virtual play dates. Because we make the learning process fun, innovative, and hands-on, your children will love coming to each and every playdate.